AH Belt Drive Automatic Sliding Door


AH Belt Drive Automatic Sliding Door

  • Automatic Multiple Sliding Door opener
  • Free Shipping, Installation and Returns
  • Material – Aluminium Alloy
  • Brand Autohomation
  • Color : White & Black
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Features – Belt drive automatic sliding door
  • Easy for installation, without change in existing door structure.
  • Compact size, Nice appearance, and modern design.
  • System can apply with sensor, remote control, push button, pet sensor, photocell, lock Door mode.
  • 433.92hz module, suits for a smart-home.



Power Supply 100-240v
Maximum Weight 6 Kg
Maximum Width 3.9 ft / 1.2 Meter
Standard track: 7.2 ft / 2.2 m, 8.2 ft / 2.5 m(optional)
Track length 7.2 ft / 2.2 m, 8.2 ft / 2.5 m(optional)
Color Options White / Black
Product Size 227 * 13 *
10 cm
Mode • Auto Mode
• Close Mode
• Open Mode
• Pet Mode – To be used with Pet IR reader

Accessories in the Box

  1. Enclosure
  2. Adapter
  3. Bracket
  4. Remote
  5. Automatic door Microwave sensor
  6. Power plug 5
  7. Wireless push button

User Manual

Features – AH Belt Drive Automatic Sliding Door

Download Installation Manual
Download User Manual

  • 1 Year from the Purchase Date
  • One time Onsite Free Installation
Installations instructions
  • AH Multi-Controller acts like a remote-controlled push button for sliding doors. Easy to install on the door frame, AH Multi-Controller enables automatic open/close of the door without modifying the existing door structure.
  • All you need for installation is a cross head screwdriver and AH Multi-Controller Product.
  • AH Multi-Controller has everything built-in.
  • AH Multi-Controller is compatible with most sliding doors. Use the compatibility checker below to see if Automatic sliding patio door opener is compatible with your doors.
  • Refer the detailed installation manual provided along with the product for step-by-step guidance to install AH Prime Lock.
  • If you are not sure how to install AH Multi-Controller, please contact us at support@autohomation.com


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