AH Gear drive automatic sliding door


AH Gear drive automatic sliding door

  • AH Prime Lock: Automatic Single Sliding Door opener
  • Free Shipping, Installation and Returns
  • AH Prime Lock is compatible with most sliding door and sliding windows
  • AH Prime lock is unique with DIY easy installation and is available at economical cost
  • Color : White & Black
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Features – AH Gear drive automatic sliding door
  • Easy for installation, without change in existing door structure.
  • Compact size, Nice appearance, and modern design.
  • System can apply with sensor, remote control, push button, pet sensor, photocell, lock Door mode.
  • 433.92hz module, suits for a smart-home.



Power Supply 100-240v
Maximum Weight 3.7 Kg
Maximum Width 3.9 ft / 1.2 Meter
Standard track: 7.2 ft / 2.2 m, 8.2 ft / 2.5 m(optional)
Track length 7.2 ft / 2.2 m, 8.2 ft / 2.5 m(optional)
Color Options White / Black
Product Size 14 * 74 * 17cm
Mode • Auto Mode
• Close Mode
• Open Mode
• Pet Mode – To be used with Pet IR reader

Accessories in the Box

  1. Enclosure
  2. Adapter
  3. Bracket
  4. Remote
  5. Tooth cap nut
  6. Automatic door Microwave sensor
  7. Gear rack
  8. Power plug 5
  9. Wireless push button

User Manual

AH Gear drive automatic sliding door

Download Installation Manual
Download User Manual

  • 1 Year from the Purchase Date
  • One time Onsite Free Installation
Installations instructions
  • AH Prime Lock acts like a remote-controlled push button for sliding doors. AH Prime Lock can be installed very easily with the existing door frame without modifying the door structure.
  • All you need for installation is a cross head screwdriver and AH Prime Lock Product.
  • AH Prime Lock has everything built-in.
  • AH Prime Lock is compatible with most sliding doors. Use the compatibility checker below to see if Automatic sliding patio door opener is compatible with your doors.
  • Refer the detailed installation manual provided along with the product for step-by-step guidance to install AH Prime Lock.
  • If you are not sure how to install AH Prime Lock, please contact us at support@autohomation.com


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