AH Indoor Siren – HS2WD-TY​


AH Indoor Siren – HS2WD-TY​

  • Power: 100-240V
  • Standby Battery: 3.8V/700mA
  • Dimension: Φ80mm*32mm (plug do not included);
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AH Indoor Siren – HS2WD-TY​​​​
  • Standards AH HA1.2 protocol, good compatibility;​​​​​
  • Low power consumption design;​​​​
  • High flexible rotating plug, suitable for different countries;​​
  • Support sound and flash alarm, alarm sound up to 95dB/m;​
  • Standby battery can last for 12 hours after cutting AC power​​​
  • Can be regarded as wireless repeater to extend wireless distance;​​​
  • CE, ROHS ​​​


Power 100-240V
Standby Battery: 3.8V/700mA
Dimension Φ80mm*32mm (plug do not included);


User Manual

AH Indoor Siren – HS2WD-TY​​

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Download User Manual

  • 1 Year from the Purchase Date
  • One time Onsite Free Installation


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